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Family of services and brands united under corporate name, CKSB Group.


Starting in 2017, C Plus established a new division that will help clients who need more additional vitamin C and A + for their brand.

Having a philosophy as an agency that will add value to your brand / product, A + will provide excellent service to its clients.
So get to work!

Service: Gobox, Billboard, Commline & Trans Jakarta, Event Organizer, Media Consultant, Production House.

Contact Service: Ietha +62 838-0459-5522


With experience in C + ‘s media house and full service agency, B + as a division that focuses more on the radio sector has an important role in being able to convey brand / client messages to target audiences via radio.

We provide the right and creative strategies and solutions on how to use radio as a marketing communication tool for your brand.

Contact Service: Aryo +62 815-8536-6626


C Plus, and as the name implies, can be interpreted as Vitamin C. Since 2011, C Plus has provided additional “Vitamin C” for various clients, both national and multinational, as well as for various advertising campaigns, both ATL (Above The Line) and BTL (Below The Line).

As the founder of C Plus, Sophan Jayakusuma with a background in the world of advertising as well as a marketer will provide synergy and special input for the team on how to combine creative ideas that are “out of the box”. This will provide its own satisfaction for clients, because we are very aware that brilliant results will be created from good communication with clients.

So, let’s get to work.


  • above the line: Company Profile Video, TV Commercials, Animation and Graphic Video, Online Media.
  • below the line: Event, Exhibition, Sampling, Workshop, Roadshow, Entertainment.

Contact Service: Renie +62 811-8192-507


D + is our Digital Marketing Division ready with a team that will prepare a Digital Strategy to make a purchase (Digital Buying)
currently our team is used to doing Single Buying, SEO, SEM, Digital Ads, Socmed, Youtube & KOL Management and Digital Activation.

Contact Service: Imoet +62 877-8264-9118


The Event and Activation Division of the CKSB Group, with a team of event specialists who are experienced in organizing various types of event & activation activities, both virtual events and offline activities.

Our services range from drafting, budgeting, organizing, implementing and reporting, from Bellows The Line Activity and Communications for various clients and brands, both local and multinational.
Various kinds of events, in the form of Employee Gathering, Customer Gathering, National Conference, Conventions, Press Events, Media Gathering, Company Training, Out bound and Motivation, Seminars, CSR Events, and so on, are held in various cities in Indonesia.

Contact Service: Ario +62 811-9466-626


Financial Consultant.

F + is Financial Plus, providing financial and tax advisory services for small, medium to large scale businesses. Comprehensive financial report maker, financial report audit and analysis of a company’s business performance.

Assisting taxpayers to carry out reporting and tax-planning for overall annual tax needs.
Where tax consulting includes taxpayer compliance services in following compliance in corporate tax reporting, carrying out tax plans with the aim of maximizing client profits and evaluating data related to the emergence of tax burdens that are detrimental to clients

Contact Service: Mia +62 817-0000-236


Human Resources Development.

  • Creating the fastest way of people development to be more dynamic and agile in emerging time to market
  • The framework for helping employees develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Empowering people through productivity enhancement and engaging people with work-life balance

Helping and coaching you through our service which include but not limited to provide Internal Business Coaching, Transformation and Development Coaching Program, Sales Value Improvement, Value Improvement Leaders through Coaching Methodology, Human Resources System Development, Performance Management System, Remuneration Management System, Organization Design & Improvement, Quality Improvement Management.

Contact Service: Andy +62 815-8450-0000


What is I-Plus? Meaning I itself means Interior Design, which includes its Architectural design and its builder.

We also develop a business in the field of Architect, Design and Build services, I-Plus Experienced in the field of designing and building your residence or business place, to be more comfortable, in harmony, in accordance with the 3D drawings that we provide and we apply. The best work and results become our own satisfaction and especially satisfaction for customers who use I-Plus interior services

Contact Service: Zakkiyah +62 878-8610-1975


O + is the Production House Division. We are quite experienced in making TVC, Radio and Video material (Company Profile or Youtube)

O + will prepare materials from Brainstorming with clients, to further explore what clients need and want, prepare and conduct PPM, Shooting, Editing, Online to Offline and finally ready to be broadcast.

Contact Service: Manda +62 813-8055-1103


P + is our newest division, where we are here to be a bridge between Brands and Journalists and / or Stakeholders and the wider community. Our focus is to keep the Brand having positive values ​​in the eyes of the community and stakeholders, not just doing a Press Conference, but more on maintaining good relations between the Brand and the Media and the Community.

Contact Service: Renie +62 811-8192-507


S+ is our newest division, where we are here to be a consultant and bridge between Brands, Government, and individuals and the wider community from various services according to the needs of our partners. Our focus is to keep our partners with positive values, awareness, and engagement with their objectives.

We don’t just provide 360 services, but rather maintain good relations between Brand partners, government, agencies and the media in general so that they can work together in a sustainable manner, and the S+ division can become top of mind in the agency world.

Contact Service: 02175918118


What is T-Plus? The meaning of T itself is defined as Travel, Trust, Best and other value pluses that are of greatest concern to us.

We want to be the first choice in fulfilling traveling needs
We also emphasize more on Muslim Friendly trips, where we will always choose menus that are guaranteed halal, prayer schedule information, Qibla direction and include Visiting to the mosque in the itinerary if possible, because one thing we must protect is trust and trust, a mandate from Allah , that we are entrusted with our abilities in this business and make our guests remember Allah on their journey.

Contact Service: Arda +62 856-1001-485

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