Creative Work &

What CKSB do

Brand Consultant

As a consultant, we assist the clients to determine the identity of a brand, the whole concept of its marketing and promotional campaign, create it logo and tagline, and decide what marketing steps that needs to be done.

Marketing Strategy

In an effort to establish the most appropriate marketing strategy, we done some research in depth so that all forms of communications made by the brand are right on the target.

Event Organizer & Production

In the field of event organizing, we design as well as organize the concept of both large and small scale event, so that the event can run properly and well-coordinated. We are also ready to assist you in producing some supporting promotion materials, as well as be in charge in production process of TVC, filler and video profile.

Digital Media Consultant

PT CKSB and Our Digital Partners is a Digital Consultant company driven to build a powerful and provocative relationship, nurturing your brand from the seed to the finest harvest providing creative, impactful, and an engaging vision.

Our Clients

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